Garden: The Timeless Charm of Decorative Arts

At Hopera, we believe that fashion is an art form, a means of expressing creativity, individuality, and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. We draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of artistic movements and masterpieces, weaving them into our unique streetwear collections. Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through time and explore the works that have influenced our latest collection, aptly named after the exquisite vintage patterns, furniture designs, fabrics, stained glass windows, and decorative arts of the 19th-century.

One of our key inspirations comes from a captivating flower pochoir pattern in the Art Nouveau oriental style. Originally featured in our 1914 edition of Samarkande, this artwork encapsulates the delicate beauty and intricate craftsmanship that defines our aesthetic. By digitally enhancing this timeless piece, we have breathed new life into its enchanting allure, allowing it to blossom within our collection.

Our admiration for Chinese ornamentation finds its roots in the remarkable work of Owen Jones. In our own original 1867 edition of his book, "Examples of Chinese Ornament selected from objects in the South Kensington Museum and other collections," we discovered a wealth of inspiration. We have carefully selected and enhanced plates that showcase remarkable flower patterns and botanical illustrations. These elements infuse our designs with a sense of elegance and cultural richness, offering a fusion of East and West within our streetwear.

The vine illustration we have incorporated into our collection holds a special place in our hearts. Sourced from our own original edition of "Shin Bijutsukai," this art piece captures the beauty of nature's tendrils intertwining and flourishing, symbolizing growth, vitality, and a connection to our roots. It serves as a reminder that our designs, like vines, grow and evolve with time, yet remain anchored in the essence of our artistic vision.

Diving further into the treasure troves of art, we found ourselves enchanted by Emile Prisses d'Avennes' masterpiece, "La Decoration Arabe." Plate no. 51 from our own 1885 edition of the book showcases a digitally enhanced lithograph that captures the intricate details and ornamental beauty of Arabic art. This inspiration permeates our collection, adding an exotic and luxurious touch to our streetwear.

At Hopera, our passion for art is inexhaustible, and we take great pride in bringing the artistic heritage of the past into the contemporary fashion landscape. Each garment we create is a testament to the artistic mastery that has influenced us, paying homage to the visionaries who paved the way for creativity to flourish.

As you explore our collection, we invite you to immerse yourself in the fusion of vintage elegance and modern streetwear. Feel the spirit of Art Nouveau, the grandeur of Chinese ornamentation, the vitality of botanical illustrations, and the allure of Arabic art. Experience the artistry that defines Hopera, where fashion transcends mere clothing to become a medium of self-expression and a celebration of the timeless masterpieces that continue to inspire us today.